Woodstock W1100 1/16 Round Over Slickplane

Woodstock W1100 1/16 Round Over Slickplane

The Woodstock W1100 Slickplane produces an exceptionally smooth 1/16-Inch radius or a 45-Degree chamfer over the entire length of an edge. Crafted from rock maple, The Slickplane is designed to fit comfortably in your hand. A brass sole glides easily along the workpiece edge as two independently adjustable carbide-tipped cutters apply the finishing touch.


  • Produces An Exceptionally Smooth 1/8″ Radius Or A 45 Chamfer Over The Entire Length Of An Edge.
  • Crafted From Rock Maple, The Slickplane Is Designed To Fit Comfortably In Your Hand.
  • A Brass Sole Glides Easily Along The Workpiece Edge As Two Independently Adjustable

Manufacturer: Woodstock

Model #: W1100

MWW Item #: 88197

Price: $20.99

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