General 6 Wheel and Circle Cutter – 6″

General 6 Wheel and Circle Cutter - 6"

The Wheel and Circle Cutter is a hobbyist’s favorite for making clock faces, toy wheels, birdhouses and other projects. This innovative design features a reversible, double-ended blade which allows the tool to be changed from a circle cutter to a wheel cutter in seconds. The high-speed steel cutting blade makes exact diameter circles from 1” to 6”. Both the blade and pilot bit are replaceable and remove easily with a hex wrench.


  • For cutting 1” to 6” circles and wheels.
  • Reversible, double-ended cutting blade.
  • Works on wood, sheet metal, brass, aluminum, copper, soft steel and composites.
  • Replaceable cutting blade and pilot drill.
  • All adjustments can be made with hex wrench (included).
  • Body constructed from heat treated tool steel.
  • 3/8” shank.
  • Maximum safe speed 500 RPM.
  • Use with drill press only.
  • Replacement Blade – #6 Blade
  • Replacement Pilot Bit – #5/6/55 Drill

Manufacturer: General

Model #: 6

MWW Item #: 50151

Price: $28.99

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